Geometric Algebra Library for the Lua Programming Language

How to use the GALua module

The GALua module is easy to use. Simply require the module in your Lua script to get at the API table, then you're off and running. To describe this process in detail, the GALua documentation has been broken down into seperate tutorials, each new tutorial assuming knowledge of all those given before it. The list of tutorials is as follows.

  1. Requiring the GALua module
  2. Defining the geometric algebra
  3. Basic math operations
  4. Printing multivectors
  5. Manipulating multivectors
  6. Utilizing the CGA companion module
  7. More than you wanted to know

These tutorials assume knowledge of geometric algebra. If you are new to GA, or need a refresher, the following is a list of recommended sources.

GALua is not the first attempt to provide a GA language extension to an existing interpreted langauge. At the risk of losing you to some other GA package, the following is a list of examples.

Admittedly, these are far superior to GALua, but if programming within the realm of Lua is one of your requirements, GALua may be a sufficient choice.

Copyright (C) 2013, by Spencer T. Parkin